on the Gurkha Hooha

Hard to know where to start with this Gurkha thing.  I think that most of us are of the opinion that if you were a lunatic jihadist who was wanted in 3 continents for terrorist crimes we’d invite you in and give you a five bedroom council house and lots of dosh for your family to get flat screen telly and a decent Sky package whilst you spend every working hour preaching about how we should all burn in the pits of hell for our hedonistic ways.  Yet you fight for our country and the immigration control people say, er, sorry chaps, no room because we’re full of jihadists at the moment.  But the U turns made by these spineless faceless morons who make up the rules whilst frustrating and embarrassing are not the real end to this story.  The Gurkhas are probably thinking that this is the land of milk and honey but we all know that’s crap.  They swear allegiance to a Royal Family that will be largely non existent after the Queen pops off [does anyone really want to be a subject of Charles?] and they fight for a country, for a dream that no longer exists.  Whilst they look up adoringly at Joanna Lumley, herself a product of the days of the Raj, they’re setting themselves up for one hell of a disappointment.

I’ve been to Nepal, it’s beautiful.  Dirt poor, yes. But the people are wonderful and kind and smile and put the family first.  The truth will be that these brave soldiers will not come to England and end up living in Rose Cottage and spending their hard won pension on cream teas and garden parties with Ms Lumley.  They’ll end up being shunted to some inner city low cost housing development surrounded by poverty.  Again.  Except this time the poverty will be accompanied by crime, inefficient bureaucracy, cold weather in a drizzling pissy country where honour and respect has been replaced by thieving and greed. And £60 a week doesn’t get you very far.

Their battle is almost won.  What exactly have they won.  I think someone should send them some tapes of East Enders before they get on the plane.

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