6 business ideas that I’ve had in the past week that will never come to anything

exfoliating-scrubactivity-neckwear sad-dog pan-spain-2010-0642 abu-hamza-coat-hooks1

1. beard oil

2. exfoliating scrub for men that doesn’t cost £8 per tube (considering it’s essentially shower gel and grit).

3. a clothing company that specialises in activity neckwear.

4. dog rental

5. a service that picks up your motorbike, takes it to Geneva, you fly out and meet the bike, fart around the Alps for a week zipping up and down curvy mountain passes waving at other bikers and grinning, after a week the bike gets shipped back, you fly home. Bing Bang Bong.  In fact I would call this business

6. a retail site specialising in Abu Hamza Coat Hooks.







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