You’re in charge of the kids

Do you ever have one of those weekend days when your wife says “you have the kids, i’m going shopping with the girls”?  So you’re ‘looking after’ the kids but you have to slot them into whatever you’ve got planned


6 business ideas that I’ve had in the past week that will never come to anything

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1. beard oil

2. exfoliating scrub for men that doesn’t cost £8 per tube (considering it’s essentially shower gel and grit).

3. a clothing company that specialises in activity neckwear.

4. dog rental

5. a service that picks up your motorbike, takes it to Geneva, you fly out and meet the bike, fart around the Alps for a week zipping up and down curvy mountain passes waving at other bikers and grinning, after a week the bike gets shipped back, you fly home. Bing Bang Bong.  In fact I would call this business

6. a retail site specialising in Abu Hamza Coat Hooks.







The Accidental Pornographer Promo Video

Abu Hamza Coat Hook

I know I’m one of those blogs that isn’t updated very much.  I’m BUSY OK!  I’ve got a job. Responsibility.  Kids, dogs that need walking, a business that needs running, then there’s my laziness. I should be writing pithy prose but instead I loll around watching crap unfulfilling telly when I get home from work rather than striving on my creative output.  But there’s one thing this blog does.  One claim to fame.  It ranks #1 for *Abu Hamza Coat hook* on Google.  I have no idea how this happened.  I didn’t try to make it happen.  I saw a funny pic on the internet and just shoved it up there.  So each week dozens, sometimes hundreds of people stumble across my little site.  They laugh at the picture then 98% of them bugger right off straight onto the next thing. You’re one of them. Thanks for visiting.  And thanks Google for making me #1 at something online!