THE BLOKE follows the Murdochs and *charges* for content.

Now we’ve been looking at this internet malarkey for a couple of years and we have to agree with Rupert Murdoch that we can’t be giving all this brilliant content away for free.  I mean something has to give. You know, there needs to be a quid pro quo here.  I’m spending all this time giving you my opinion on stuff and you’re just taking it all.  Not giving anything back.  There’s no ‘quo’ bit to our relationship here.

The Murdoch family

Like Rupert I have a few kids and a pretty wife who likes shoes and holidays and we need to find a way to pay for all this stuff.  All those other gutless media corporations out there have remained largely silent on the matter but The Bloke Corp has made the bold decision to step up to the plate and stand shoulder to shoulder with The Murdochs. Although we won’t quite go as far as condeming the BBC because they do great stuff like The Wire and Radio 4 (apart from The Archers, Sunday Worship and that really smug woman on Saturday morning who is far too pleased with herself.  Oh, and Sandy Toksvig who is also far too pleased with herself) and their kids TV output which isn’t packed with adverts for plastic shit that will be in the charity shop by February.

Sorry, wondered off there on one a little bit.  But back to business – we’re together with James and his Dad.  From 1st October The Bloke is going to charge for content.  It’s an honesty based system that I’m hoping is going to work well for all of us.  Everytime you visit the site all you need to do is simply log a reply with your email address and I’ll send you a bill at the end of every month for how many times you’ve visited (based on about 25p a visit*). *subject to change without notice.

I’m hoping that this ‘payment gateway’ will enable me to continue to provide you with unrivalled up to the minute engaging content whilst helping me and my family get lots of nice things and hopefully an unhealthy share of global media ownership.

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