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Dry Jan, Dry Quarter, Dry Year…

So I’m doing dry Jan. I do this every year so it’s not a bit deal. I can handle it. 30 days. I know what to expect, I’ve cleared the diary, told my friends, Katharine is behind me and I buy lots of interesting soft drinks from Tesco to divert my attention, con my brain […]

On Dishwashers

I have a problem with dishwashers.  In the family’s domestic scene it’s my responsibility because I’m the only one who really understands how it works. Mrs G doesn’t understand the blades that swish round squirting soapy water need to be able to operate unencumbered and routinely packs it in a way that means it doesn’t […]

On Panic Buying

From 2013 (When Bob Crow was alive). So I wake up this morning and I make the kids breakfast listening to Evan Davis on Radio 4 like I do every morning and she comes down and I say “Bob Crow is urging everyone to go on strike which could mean a mega winter of discontent” […]